A state-of-the-art kart circuit featuring fume-free karts with super-fast acceleration! Teamworks Karting Reading pairs the best trained staff and most responsive karts alongside a huge Thames Valley racetrack to offer the best racing experience around - and it's open 7 days a week!

  • The fastest indoor karts in the UK
  • Exhilarating & challenging race circuit
  • 360-degree spectator gallery overlooking the track
  • Fully-licensed bar & catering facilities
  • Minutes from Reading town centre
  • Full conference & party facilities
  • Events for up to 80 drivers
  • Race from £19.95 per driver
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Reading
8 Bridgewater Close
RG30 1JT

 Latest Laps

22.57s Freddie Clayton        22.01s Joshua Clayton        22.40s Harry Marffy        23.01s Stephen Robson        23.21s Jade Rogers        22.09s Alex Mileman        22.13s Martyn Hall        21.54s Seb Domagala        24.94s Thomas Lee [Cadet]        25.08s Kurt Mcphail [Cadet]        23.88s Dan Hope [Cadet]        23.30s Matthew Naylor        23.35s Henry Hope        23.86s Jake Steward        24.26s Duane Hope        24.01s Durga Rana        23.65s Yogesh Limbu        23.69s Emma Popovic        24.36s Daniel Lee        24.81s Haider Shah        24.81s Alfie Temperley [Cadet]        23.47s Michael Temperley        23.26s Sam Austin        27.23s Hebe Edgar [Cadet]        26.15s Annabel Fenton [Cadet]        27.31s Hattie Austin [Cadet]        27.86s Tegen Dixon-Clarke [Cadet]        29.75s Amalie Macnaughtan [Cadet]        25.89s Ella Malik [Cadet]        28.91s Poppy Thistlethwaite [Cadet]        28.17s Davina Gray        28.27s Liv Darling [Cadet]        23.33s Francois Austin        22.95s Andrew Greenwood        23.26s Benn Pickering        23.38s Eric Frimpong        23.42s Jack Bullock        23.71s James Sawyer-Ross        79.35s Adam Byrne        25.37s Nell Yates        23.78s Wayne Newell        28.78s David Oru [Cadet]        28.79s Jonathan Oru [Cadet]        27.09s Sandro Aka Master De Oru [Cadet]        31.09s Ben Hutt [Cadet]        28.93s Blake Butler-Creagh [Cadet]        26.93s Joshua Emuchay [Cadet]        24.84s Roxanne Peak-Payne        25.59s James Pullen [Cadet]        34.05s Jasmine Hogg [Cadet]