A state-of-the-art kart circuit featuring fume-free karts with super-fast acceleration! Teamworks Karting Reading pairs the best trained staff and most responsive karts alongside a huge Thames Valley racetrack to offer the best racing experience around - and it's open 7 days a week!

  • The fastest indoor karts in the UK
  • Exhilarating & challenging race circuit
  • 360-degree spectator gallery overlooking the track
  • Fully-licensed bar & catering facilities
  • Minutes from Reading town centre
  • Full conference & party facilities
  • Events for up to 80 drivers
  • Race from £19.95 per driver
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Reading
8 Bridgewater Close
RG30 1JT

 Latest Laps

22.90s Harry Denton [Cadet]        23.03s Paul Denton        23.46s Dawn Denton        29.00s Phoebe Miall [Cadet]        28.86s Yana Feys [Cadet]        30.26s Francesca Boulad [Cadet]        22.76s Steve Harrow        22.01s Nathan Dixon [Cadet]        29.58s Lucy Burley [Cadet]        24.13s Briony Ireland        25.46s Beth Ireland [Cadet]        28.35s Suzi Reeve [Cadet]        28.34s Victoria Mitchell [Cadet]        29.73s Thomas Madden [Cadet]        27.75s Mason Prendergast [Cadet]        27.81s Lilly Kenneavy [Cadet]        27.06s Tonjie Parker [Cadet]        29.16s Habib Momoh [Cadet]        26.85s Tyler Phillips [Cadet]        27.55s Ryan Okor [Cadet]        28.51s Gus Waters [Cadet]        28.97s Harry Mitchell [Cadet]        26.98s Lewis Allen [Cadet]        26.54s Hakeem Momoh        22.57s Nathan Wilson        22.65s Andy Wilson        22.91s Miles Wilson [Cadet]        22.85s Max Haywood        25.94s Sam Wilson [Cadet]        22.56s Peter Shenton [Cadet]        22.01s Alex Reynolds [Cadet]        22.97s Martin Reynolds        22.50s Robin Smith        22.51s Tristan Smith [Cadet]        22.67s Charlotte Smith [Cadet]        22.06s Charlie Attwood [Cadet]        24.06s Kathryn Attwood        21.84s Ross Attwood        24.89s Ryan Ainsworth [Cadet]        23.90s Laurence Jones [Cadet]        23.76s Lucy Attwood [Cadet]        22.22s Debons Lola        22.00s Joe Tusan        24.16s Robert Greene [Cadet]        21.92s Nick Zani        21.95s Evangelos Gkarilas        22.02s Kevin Palmer        22.19s Martin Ruddy        22.24s Jas Sangha        22.25s Edward Long