A state-of-the-art kart circuit featuring fume-free karts with super-fast acceleration! Teamworks Karting Reading pairs the best trained staff and most responsive karts alongside a huge Thames Valley racetrack to offer the best racing experience around - and it's open 7 days a week!

  • The fastest indoor karts in the UK
  • Exhilarating & challenging race circuit
  • 360-degree spectator gallery overlooking the track
  • Fully-licensed bar & catering facilities
  • Minutes from Reading town centre
  • Full conference & party facilities
  • Events for up to 80 drivers
  • Race from £19.95 per driver
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Reading
8 Bridgewater Close
RG30 1JT

 Latest Laps

22.56s Charlie Attwood [Cadet]        23.76s Lucy Attwood [Cadet]        24.37s Kathryn Attwood        22.30s Ross Attwood        25.66s Ryan Ainsworth [Cadet]        24.24s Martin Reynolds        22.22s Debons Lola        22.00s Joe Tusan        24.16s Robert Greene [Cadet]        21.92s Nick Zani        21.95s Evangelos Gkarilas        22.02s Kevin Palmer        22.19s Martin Ruddy        22.24s Jas Sangha        22.25s Edward Long        22.29s Matthew Post        22.34s Simon Johnston        22.35s Alex Barber        22.37s Jon Stanesby        22.46s Rich Gee        22.55s Rob Singer        23.03s Sally Gurney        23.25s Kristina Wright        23.68s James Reid        24.03s Reema Nazir        25.02s Rowena Gargan        23.68s Marcus Martin [Cadet]        23.07s Matthew Gibson [Cadet]        23.47s Stuart Boyd [Cadet]        22.98s Ethan Chow [Cadet]        23.02s Slade Whittaker [Cadet]        24.46s Casper Marks [Cadet]        23.13s Seb Marks [Cadet]        23.85s Jon Arnold        29.61s Jack Arnold [Cadet]        25.68s Alexander Helms [Cadet]        22.62s Craig Marks        27.84s Antonia Neild [Cadet]        24.76s Kimberly Dry [Cadet]        24.65s Oliver Williams [Cadet]        30.28s Laoise Odonohue [Cadet]        24.21s Arjan Tiwana [Cadet]        24.49s Sahib Tiwana [Cadet]        23.60s Rasnaam Tiwana [Cadet]        28.42s Anokh Tiwana-Parmar [Cadet]        23.49s Daniel Neild [Cadet]        23.24s Harvey Williams [Cadet]        21.52s James Maclean        22.42s Daniel Hamilton        21.94s Martyn Hall