A state-of-the-art kart circuit featuring fume-free karts with super-fast acceleration! Teamworks Karting Reading pairs the best trained staff and most responsive karts alongside a huge Thames Valley racetrack to offer the best racing experience around - and it's open 7 days a week!

  • The fastest indoor karts in the UK
  • Exhilarating & challenging race circuit
  • 360-degree spectator gallery overlooking the track
  • Fully-licensed bar & catering facilities
  • Minutes from Reading town centre
  • Full conference & party facilities
  • Events for up to 80 drivers
  • Race from £19.95 per driver
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Reading
8 Bridgewater Close
RG30 1JT

 Latest Laps

22.53s Alison Mayers        21.16s Karim Mayers [Cadet]        21.35s Rosie Beadle        20.68s Andrew Piggott        20.95s Matt Bond        21.14s Jamie Goldstone        20.42s Ben Jarrett        20.64s Tom Smith        19.94s Mark Godfrey        20.14s Seb Domagala        21.76s Jonathon Carr [Cadet]        21.19s Aaron Isernia [Cadet]        21.47s Dave Cherry        21.88s Tod Woods [Cadet]        20.36s Roots Titus        22.49s Avtar Panesar [Cadet]        22.73s Richie Stewart [Cadet]        20.93s Matt Johnson        22.40s Steph Burdon        21.45s Andrew Jones        22.58s Jessica Smith        22.23s Ashton Kieltyka        21.39s Adrian Hurford        21.86s Robbie Hancox        30.58s Abbie Johnson        22.22s Alexander Witcher        22.88s Sam Hillier        21.59s Jack Wales        22.65s Charles Robins        22.19s Edward Annets        25.33s Sam Barham [Cadet]        24.86s Taylor Dance [Cadet]        25.72s Keean Cook [Cadet]        26.04s Liam Concannon [Cadet]        22.50s Ethan Dodd [Cadet]        22.85s Nathan Sutton [Cadet]        25.32s Harry Scrivener [Cadet]        21.22s Andrew Leech        24.25s Jamie Dawson [Cadet]        22.15s Daniel Kirton        22.61s Charlie Hill [Cadet]        23.15s Joe Mason [Cadet]        22.90s Lewis Burke [Cadet]        22.93s Ted Chedzey [Cadet]        23.24s Ollie Humphrey-Brooker [Cadet]        21.06s Liam Ugunakoo        21.10s Larry Rock        21.37s K Bash        22.35s Lewis Phillips        21.08s Aaron Williams