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Birmingham City

Teamworks Karting Birmingham City

202 Fazeley Street
B5 5SE


We have two Birmingham venues! Our Birmingham City Centre track is consistently voted one of the UK’s finest go kart circuits and is Birmingham’s ONLY City Centre track, located, just five minutes walk from New Street and The Bullring. Fancy our two level circuit instead? Why not head out to our Halesowen venue, just six miles from the City Centre.

  • JUST ARRIVED – A brand new fleet of state of the art karts
  • The Uk’s fastest indoor karts – Unbelievable performance
  • State of the art Laser Tag arena.
  • A huge, exciting & challenging indoor track ideal for all ages
  • A fully-licensed bar and extensive catering facilities
  • Birmingham’s most highly rated track on Trip Advisor
  • A fully-licensed bar and extensive catering facilities
  • Buy Teamworks¬†vouchers for the ultimate gift

Teamworks Karting Experience

Birmingham Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Sam Jordan22.593s14/01/2017
2Sam La Planche23.336s17/01/2017
3Harry James24.329s17/01/2017
4Amanda Jordan24.558s14/01/2017
5Klaus Reisinger24.762s23/01/2017
6Jason Hodges25.039s23/01/2017
7Murat Faralyali25.304s16/01/2017
8Scott Wild25.314s21/01/2017
9Daren Stanley25.455s21/01/2017
10George Ellis25.550s16/01/2017

Latest Times

DriverBest LapDate
Serena Zhu27.463s24/01/2017
Shahroz Umer28.603s24/01/2017
Nicholas Palmer27.040s24/01/2017

Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Sam Jordan22.593s14/01/2017
2Richard Boardman23.075s23/09/2014
3Owen Morgan23.128s25/09/2014
4Sam La Planche23.336s17/01/2017
5James Wallis-George23.397s18/10/2014
6Desmond Allison23.486s17/05/2014
7Josh Callejon23.530s01/11/2016
8Liibaan Ibrahim23.640s30/07/2014
9Qi Sun23.736s20/10/2014
10Carlos Rush23.763s29/12/2013
11Jack Aitken23.769s23/06/2014
12Shuaib Mahmood23.835s20/02/2014
13Darelle Wilson23.874s30/09/2014
14Jason Hodges24.056s26/05/2014
15Adam Givens24.099s16/11/2013

 Latest Laps

36.07s Benyamin Yasin [Cadet]        28.25s Taheir Mahmood        28.61s Sandeep Saini        23.92s Gurjeet Sandhu        26.28s Jimi Day        25.80s Dave Long        26.36s Tom Hyland        26.02s Dave Bowdler        27.42s Adam Chilcott        33.96s Neal Poskitt        34.11s Tahani Ali        36.01s Thuraiya Alharasi        80.25s Samiya Almaamari        27.57s Sam Currie        25.67s Calum Fitzsimmons        33.72s Fatma Alshehhi        29.00s Alaa Ali        27.87s Mohammadreza Hajinasiri        27.18s Mohammad Masumi        25.57s Ryan Milbourne        26.74s Khang Duong        26.99s David Noonan        30.86s Joshua McAndrews [Cadet]        34.69s Maia Noonan [Cadet]        35.79s George Low [Cadet]        26.41s Cole Pearson [Cadet]        32.79s Kor-Reece Mcandrews [Cadet]        25.16s Adam Timings        25.42s Mike Sexton        26.18s Andy Lodge        24.92s Gary Gwilliam        25.60s Jamie Woolridge        25.79s Paul Price        25.83s Ryan Woolridge        26.01s Robert Langdon        26.09s Tony Miles        26.28s Adam Newey        26.32s Matthew Jones        26.80s Luke Sinclaire        26.83s James Lillywhite        27.37s David Watkins        27.88s Aled Jeffreys        28.11s Shireena Thompson        28.65s Gethin Charles        28.79s Matt Phillips        30.44s John Gibbs [Cadet]        28.78s Ryan Rando [Cadet]        29.16s Aman Atwal [Cadet]        30.09s Theo Thompson [Cadet]        31.13s Ben Gibbins [Cadet]       

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