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Teamworks Karting Halesowen

225 Dudley Road
Birmingham B63 3NR



  • Rated a whopping 4.5/5 from Trip Advisor
  • An exciting and challenging track with a fly-over bridge and tunnel
  • Just 20 minutes from Birmingham City Centre
  • Race from just £17!
  • First-class conference facilities, a fully licensed bar & party rooms
  • Support for events with up to 80 drivers
  • Buy karting vouchers for the ultimate gift

Teamworks Karting Experience

Halesowen Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Amit Rajput21.870s18/04/2017
2Samuel Bennett21.930s16/02/2017
3Liam Beresford22.058s06/04/2017
4Jack Stanley22.061s26/03/2017
5Liam Beresford22.067s16/01/2017
6Mike Grove22.072s13/03/2017
7Alastair Richardson22.102s01/05/2017
8Harry Bennett22.120s16/04/2017
9Sean Thomas22.150s23/01/2017
10Darren Cox22.155s10/04/2017

Latest Times

DriverBest LapDate
Jake Cowley27.009s24/05/2017
Benji Hughes24.733s24/05/2017
Jason Cowley23.327s24/05/2017

Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Tasnia Begum21.103s19/04/2015
2Ben Broom21.568s09/06/2014
3Darnell Diish Is My Young G21.605s23/06/2015
4Stuart Phillips21.626s28/03/2014
5Sean Vale21.648s30/07/2014
6Jay Sully21.666s26/09/2015
7Leah Jordan21.752s12/08/2015
8Grant Tickell21.796s09/09/2013
9Matthew Hackett-Vidgeon21.797s09/09/2013
10Amit Rajput21.870s18/04/2017
11Tyron Williamson21.882s01/09/2013
12Grant Tickell21.919s16/09/2013
13Aimee Winfield21.927s18/05/2015
14Samuel Bennett21.930s16/02/2017
15Liam Beresford21.981s18/04/2014

 Latest Laps

30.78s Aniqa Begum        28.98s Humaira Nadeem        27.84s Samaira Nadeem        24.53s Sameer Nadeem        24.02s Oli Ahmed        21.10s Tasnia Begum [Cadet]        24.02s Jam Nadeem        30.98s Arjun Pnaiser [Cadet]        26.85s Gurpal Singh Pnaiser        28.97s Hari Pnaiser [Cadet]        35.64s Sam Xia        26.40s Fisker Xu        34.60s Rohan Rajput [Cadet]        30.47s Zachary Strachan [Cadet]        30.92s Reuben Higgins [Cadet]        26.06s Joseph Durrant-Coughlan [Cadet]        23.82s Mike Okonski [Cadet]        23.47s Luke Dodman [Cadet]        24.99s Harvey Kowa        27.40s Conrad Miles        25.65s Arran Williams        26.26s Allen Patten        24.26s Jak Warren        24.79s Bilbo Buxton        24.23s Jessie Doyle [Cadet]        24.87s Elle Doyle [Cadet]        27.07s Dan Colley        24.12s Zac Robinson        30.82s Catarina Davis        23.82s Jay Evans        23.47s Dan Steele        34.19s Liane Watts        25.13s Joe Queenan        25.06s Tom Tod        22.81s Liam Hansard [Cadet]        23.56s Martin Roberts        23.66s Simon Gardner        23.74s Shane Roberts        24.29s Andrew Lewin        24.31s Tom Evans        24.36s Hannah Lewin        24.53s Matthew Taunton        24.65s Jo Lewin        25.07s Stephen Blake        25.10s Andrew Mountain        25.35s Jack Bayliss        25.54s Ben Dwyer        25.98s Tim Miles        25.98s Tim Ponting        26.65s Stuart Newton       

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