Corporate Away Days

Corporate Away Days – A free day off work? A social nightmare? The chance to beat your colleagues in some macho event? An opportunity for Management to develop better inter team relationships?

Teamworks Karting runs two Midland’s Karting venues, one Northampton and one Hertfordshire venue, two of which have Laser Tag arenas! Karting, to many, conjures up images of macho guys in dirty racesuits, trying to prove they could be the next Lewis Hamilton. Laser Tag, surely that is just for kids? Think again.

Teamworks Karting operates state of the art kart circuits, laser tag arenas, gives racers immaculate race suits, houses impressive conference facilities and offers sumptuous catering options. We even have bars! The first question our dedicated Events team will ask prospective corporate customer, is “Why?” To make the most of a corporate away day, it is essential Event Organisers know why they are bringing the team out of the office. There are loads of reasons, from “Stress busting”, teams hitting target, an away from the desk brainstorm. Once the reasons why are sorted, our Events team will guide prospective customers to a format which suits the companies requirements. If pure relaxation is the purpose of the day, formats to suit will be constructed to encourage people to participate in a fun event, rather than think about work. If the team need to brainstorm, we will ask you to consider using the meeting rooms, with a clear beginning, middle and end of the day, usually including some Karting or Laser Tag. Teamworks Karting try to break the mode of formulaic, dull and often unproductive away days where the same people every year create the same agenda. Check out our testimonials to see how this is working for some great companies and then call our Events team on 01217036160!

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