Corporate Team Building

At Teamworks, we’re perfectly set up to provide you with everything you need to make your next corporate event a flawless victory – from the UK’s fastest go karting tracks to the ultimate battle for supremacy in our laser tag arenas, you’ll find it all at your nearest Teamworks venue. 

Team Tactics

There’s more to laser tag than armour and laser guns – beneath the adrenaline-pumping experience of our multilevel venues featuring ramps, sniper holes and hidden rooms, there’s something unforgettable at the heart of the game that’ll help bring your team together. Laser tag is fun – but it also encourages communication and team tactics that will help solidify the social glue that holds your office together. 

Watch your colleagues work together throughout the game, completing challenges and achieving objectives, building team unity as they collaborate to take out the other contestants in the UK’s most exciting laser tag arena.

Crossing the Line

Although you’ll each be given your own kart, our tracks are a fantastic place to build team spirit as the entire office takes to the track to compete against each other – and even beat your boss. Our super fast karts are as good for thrill-seekers as they are for complete beginners, and everyone is sure to love the adrenaline rush of crossing the finish line – especially after our safety briefing.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly a few laps of our tracks will bring your team together, as your colleagues leave each other in the dust and climb out from behind the wheel with a smile on their face. 

No matter how big your team is, we have a solution that will work for you – like our Le Mans team racing event, ideal for groups of between 30 and 100 people, featuring a practice session, a qualifying race and a massive 2-3 hour team-based race.

Grand Stand Seating

Our venues aren’t just perfectly designed to provide you with hours of heart-pumping fun – we also have a serious side. If you’re keen to network while your colleagues are doing laps, or want to pair your big day out with a big business meeting to match, we have the facilities necessary to help you out. Simply speak to a member of the team about combining your next meeting with a race event, and we’ll find an awesome space at our venue which can be used for relaxing during the games, or booked out exclusively for a conference, a sales presentation or a meeting. We can accommodate your delegates in theatre, boardroom or cabaret style – and even off lunch at one of our Pit Stops, so your team can be fully fuelled for a day of team building. 

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