Planning the ultimate hen do can be a wild ride, but you’ve just found the perfect place that’s guaranteed to have everyone buzzing with excitement at a truly unique hen party experience. Strap in to next-level, insta-perfect vibes at Teamworks Karting, with an adrenaline-packed adventure complete with go-karting, racing simulators and laser tag – not to mention the irresistible on-site catering and fabulously stocked bar.


Vroom Vroom!

Hold onto your tiaras! Imagine the rush of revving engines, the wind blowing through your hair (but not ruining it, of course), and the amazing feeling of crossing the finish line first. It’s not just for the lads – the go-karting experience available at every venue across the UK will have your entire hen party on the edge of their seats, claiming their crowns as true speed queens. It’s a fantastic ice-breaker if you’ve got a mix of friends and family in attendance, as the thrill of our complex (in a fun way) tracks brings out the group’s competitive spirit.


Warrior Princess!


Think glow-in-the-dark combat, laser beams and sneaking around corners with your girls. Team up, strap on your battle armour, and let the games begin with the perfect mix of strategy and stealth. Our maze-like arenas are stacked with hiding spots, multi-levelled ambush opportunities and sniper holes so you can really lean into your inner amazonian warrior queen.


Digital Diva!


If the idea of actually racing gives you a mini heart attack, we’ve got you covered. Head to our venues at Birmingham City, Northampton or Letchwork to race on the world’s greatest race tracks – without any of the tarmac. Our 10 racing simulators are networked in a unique racing room, crafted to feel like real race cars – with a Corbeau race seat, force-feedback steering wheels, and big – huge – screen displays, to create the most exciting simulated racing experience possible. It’s your special day – who says you can’t set records while sipping on a mocktail.


Private Pitstop!


On the topic of drinks – we do have a fully stocked bar on site. Since our venues always put safety first, you won’t be able to pop that cork until the day’s races have finished – but after that you can make the most of the bar and café offering, complete with great food to keep your fun revving long after the engines have cooled.


Picture this: A space just for you and your dream squad. Our private rooms offer that VIP touch to take your hen do to the next level and provide you the space you need for those special moments you’ll remember forever. Whether it’s a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’, an opportunity to open some gifts, or a room where you can just let loose with your favourite people, we’ll provide the perfect backdrop.

Ready to reach out to Teamworks? Get set to find out more about our packages and to book the track for your next event. Go to our booking form today.

Ready to reach out to Teamworks? Get set to find out more about our packages and to book one of our adrenaline-pumping events for your upcoming stag party. Go to our contact form today

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