For a fun and competitive experience that’s a wild ride for all ages, go-karting is the best option out there. Whether you’re an experienced speed-demon or just getting to grips with your steering wheel, there’s one thing on your mind – winning. Luckily, we’ve been in the business for long enough to know what it takes to cross that finish line first.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more you’ll connect with your kart – and over time you’ll find that you get familiar with the weight, the speed and the grip of your vehicle. With plenty of practice, you’ll improve your diving technique and get to grips with new ways to navigate different racing situations – so whatever challenges you face on the track, you’ll be able to deftly steer around them with ease. If you have a speed cadet in your family who’s desperate to learn how to master the track, our Cadet Club offers two hours of racing every Sunday for drivers younger than sixteen – the perfect way to practise.

Learn the Track:
Knowing your track is crucial when it comes to winning your race – and at Teamworks we have some of the best tracks in the UK. Regardless of which of our venues you’ll be racing at, you can be sure of exhilarating turns, challenging corners, areas where you can pass other drivers, and straights where you can build up speed. Pay attention to the geography of your racing space. By knowing the track layout inside and out, you’ll be able to anticipate upcoming challenges, and make quick decisions during the race while your competitors are spinning out.

Get comfortable in the kart:
Being comfortable and properly sat in your kart is important – and the team here at our venues has been trained to make sure your seat is adjusted properly and the pedal are the right distance from you. If you are not comfortable, let us know! We have specially designed cadet karts to ensure even little speed demons have the opportunity to be first across the finish line. We’ll always check the brakes, tires and other mechanical components to ensure they’re in good condition before the race starts – because a well-maintained kart will allow you to focus on your driving technique instead of your wonky wheel.

Focus on Your Driving Technique:
Driving technique is critical in go-karting. The way you accelerate, brake, and take turns can make a significant difference in your lap times and overall performance. When driving, make sure you’re sitting in the correct position and use both hands on the wheel at all times. Also, focus on smooth and controlled movements when turning and avoid jerking the wheel or making sudden movements. Since consistency and precision are key to improving your driving technique, you’ll probably need to spend a little while practising – so if you’re looking for a solid amount of time where you can focus on your karting technique, our Unlimited Karting package is perfect for you, offering unlimited laps for drivers 16+ on monday nights.

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