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March 18, 2019

Our Operations Director has a long history in motorposport and has won championships in both track cars, rally cars and karts. Here are his top tips to get yourself around the track quicker

Stay on the racing line: This will maximise your speed in and out of corners. If you don’t know what the racing line is, ask a marshall!

Be consistent: Be smooth on the track and keep controlled. Erratic drivers will make mistakes

Use the brake: Too many people are scared to use the brake as they think it will slow them down. But being under control and getting the right speed into the corner, is key.

Concentrate. Races are traditionally not long, but small decisions have major impacts. Don’t get rattled if you make a small mistake or someone over takes you!

At all Teamworks Karting tracks our track crew are happy to answer your questions or give you some advice! Most importantly ENJOY YOUR DAY!!

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