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Lewis or Nico?

February 17, 2016

We can’t wait for the new F1 season to kick off.  Though we would love to see three or four teams battling it out at the sharp team, the reality is the championship is likely to be fought out between Hamilton and Rosberg, just as it has been for the past two seasons. Last year Hamilton was more dominant than he had been in 2014 but in the last few races Nico Rosberg really showed his mettle. We are massive Hamilton fans. He is a Brit so that helps, but also we are mad about his competitive spirit. Like so many of the young kids we see at our tracks, he had some talent but also a desire to be the best. He often talks about how karting shaped him. How his Dad would mark braking lines out on kart circuits, 5 or 10 metres later than anyone else in the field. We have had the pleasure of racing his brother and father at our Letchworth circuit too. Perhaps one day this year, we will get the main man down too. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see those F1 cars roaring around the circuit in Melbourne.


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