Teamworks Karting Letchworth is your ticket to unparalleled adventure and endless fun in Hertfordshire!

Whether you’re an established racer, hunting for a new challenge, or just venturing into the thrilling world of laser tag, our Letchworth venue is equipped to serve thrill-seekers of all ages and proficiency levels. Dive into a day filled with breakneck karting, laser battles, and an authentic F1 simulator experience.

Hit the Letchworth Circuit

Buckle in to master our high-powered indoor karts, meticulously crafted to give you an authentic racing feel. Our tracks are an intricate web of tight corners, fast straights and challenging curves, ensuring your driving prowess is thoroughly tested. Embrace the adrenaline, pit your skills against friends or family, and aim for that coveted top spot.

And the adrenaline isn’t reserved for the grown-ups. Our cadet karts are perfect for those aged 6 and up. Under the vigilant eyes of our seasoned instructors, little speed demons are in for an enthralling – but safe – race experience.

Laser Tag Showdown

The excitement doesn’t end on the track – we offer so much more to make sure your visit is an unforgettable one. Elevate the fun by plunging into our battle arena for a game of laser tag. Our multi-tiered arena, complete with ramps, sniper spots and concealed rooms dreamed in ambient darkness, promises an immersive challenge like no other. Perfect for big groups (up to twenty players) or smaller teams looking for close-quarters showdowns, we’ll ensure every moment is charged with action. It’s the ideal setting for family gatherings, corporate outings, and charging up your laser guns with your friends.

Dive into F1

If you’re a Formula One fanatic, you’ll love our advanced racing simulators, which are state-of-the-art and designed to transport you directly into the world of F1 racing. Perfect for younger speedsters – as young as six – this virtual (but life-like) experience uses the very same software employed by real-life F1 champs for training.

You can book out the entire room for you and your friends, ideal for a birthday party, or simply take a seat in one of the simulators to go for a solo jaunt around the world’s most exciting tracks.

In Letchworth, the thrill doesn’t stop at just karting. Teamworks offers a full experience, from racing on the track to conquering the virtual F1 world, followed by a face-off in our laser tag arena, Teamworks Karting Letchworth is where you’ll find the action. 

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