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New Birmingham Karts

October 17, 2015

Here at Teamworks Karting Birmingham we pride ourselves on the customer experience. Having been here for nearly 11 years, our trusty old fleet of karts, whilst maintained to great standards, had seen their day. It is time for  a whole new change. With lots of refurbishments taking place around the building along with some exciting upgrades, it was only right to upgrade our karts too. We are pleased to welcome to our new kart fleet of Biz Lithium Ion karts. Setting the standard in karting is what we aim to do and the feedback has been immense. Customers are noticing much improved power, a faster top speed and a new responsiveness. Apart from that, they look incredible. The driving position is not only more comfortable but as you are slightly lower and closer to the ground, you really feel the speed as you accelerate around the track. They are certainly the UK’s fastest indoor karts, but most of all a lot smoother than our last karts and cornering is a dream. Although we loved our old fleet of karts, it is fair to say that we can really tell the difference with this new fleet, as can our customers. Come down, have a go and see if you can beat the current Top 5 lap times, which are getting lower week by week as customers come back raring for more. We even have the two British Superbike Championship racers James Ellison & Peter Hickman in the top 5 to beat!

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