Brace yourselves. Teamworks Karting in Birmingham City is flipping the switch on the future of racing with our newest, quickest addition to our fleet: the EcoVolt GT. These karts have just hit the track, and it’s time for petrolheads to rethink their loyalties and embrace the electric revolution.

Not Your Average Go-Kart

The EcoVolt GT is where tech meets torque, featuring the latest in battery tech, smart features straight out of a sci-fi movie, and a design so sleek it would make a sports car weep. The EcoVolt GT is changing the game with remote battery monitoring and diagnostics, which means every lap you take is as seamless as the first, without any pit stop hassles.

Let’s talk specs. The EcoVolt GT is designed for adult racers, with a minimum driver height of 1.5m, promising a fit for almost every speed-demon out there. The electric engine is a modern marvel, providing a silent but potent force beneath your seat – but just because the engine is silent won’t stop you from roaring around the track, thanks to the sound box equipped on every kart, adding to the immersive racing experience and making every turn feel like you’re conquering the grand prix.

But the EcoVolt GT doesn’t just ride smoothly, it adapts. Adjustable pedals and a low-profile metal floor tray ensure you’re always in an optimal (and comfortable) driving position. The F1 steering wheel with a push-to-pass feature for that competitive edge, and a smart wheel-face that displays all the data you could dream of mid-race. Want to know your lap time, session data or race position? It’s all there at your fingertips. Plus, with a smart light system including headlights, brake lights, and battery charge status, you’ll feel like you’re driving the car of the future.

So, stop cooling your engines and head down to Teamworks Karting Birmingham City, where we’re calling all thrill-seekers to experience the future of racing. And here’s a little something to get your engines started:

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