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Quad Biking Hot Tips!

May 1, 2019

What to do if Nervous Before Your First Quad Biking Session?

Most people arrive at their first quad biking experience raring to go, but you might be slightly worried about the experience. Keep the following in mind and you will love it!

Find the Right Company
We think it is Teamworks Karting and Quad centre Nottingham!
But if not us, all quad biking companies are compelled to provide detailed safety talks and a range of protective equipment, so chat to their Sales team first and make sure safety is their top priority!

Bring the Right Stuff
We will fit you with a safety helmet – and overalls – but you’ll still be responsible for a few things. Firstly, trousers are preferable to shorts, even if it’s hot outside, and you’ll want enclosed shoes which cannot easily come away from your feet. Try wearing clothes which are comfortable and fairly loose. Sunglasses are also a good idea, as is sunscreen and a bottle of water.

Pay Attention
Every beginner experience should begin with a set of detailed instructions. This will cover how to control the quad bike, what sort of terrain you’ll be crossing, and what to do if anything happens. You might be a little nervous, but remember to pay attention throughout this talk so that you can climb onto the quad itself with a decent understanding of what to expect. If you didn’t understand something or would like it repeated, just ask – staff members will be happy to oblige.

Don’t Surpass Your Limits
Quad biking is an adventurous activity, so it can be difficult to resist pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone – especially when you come with a group. Make sure you don’t get pressured into doing this. If you don’t want to go as fast as everyone else – that’s fine. Keep in mind that you can speak up if you ever start to feel uncomfortable. We put guides at the front and rear of your group so there will be always someone watching you!

Remember, quad biking is perfectly safe when all regulations are kept to, so try your best to relax and enjoy the ride. Check out Teamworks Karting and Quad centre Nottingham for your ultimate first experience!

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