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Simulator Racing – October Car and Track of the Month

October 1, 2019

Track of the Month Donington Park

This month we are featuring Donington Park, scene of Ayrton Senna’s epic race at the 1993 European GP. On his opening lap in the pouring rain he overtook 7 cars on the opening lap and went on to a victory so emphatic as to make some of the other drivers look like rank amateurs. It is a fast flowing track, with big elevation changes and a couple of unsighted corners. Learn these and you will be the one to beat!

Rookie Car
This month, our Rookie car is the USF Formula 2000 car. This is an entry level car in USA open wheel racing, and is broadly equivalent to the Formula Ford 2000 cars raced in the UK. Many famous names in USA and UK racing earned their stripes racing these cars! You have 175bhp, slick racing tyres and aerodynamic wings to generate some down force. The cars are easy to drive and forgiving of mistakes, but to get the absolute best lap time they need to be driven smoothly and skilfully.

Club License Car
Club license holders get to compete this month in a Formula Two car. This is a big step up in power from the USF car (425bhp), with much more grip and braking power to match. You need to exploit all these attributes to get the best lap time! Concentrate on the braking areas, watch the wheel spin out of the slower corners and be smooth through the high speed turns to keep the speed as high as possible.

Race License Car
Another huge step forward to the 1991 MP4/6 Mclaren-Honda as raced by Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger, taking 8 wins that year and taking Senna to the Championship. Powered by the legendary Honda V12, it is loud and hairy! Start off gently and don’t be too aggressive to start with. Build up your pace gradually and get the car to “flow” around the track without fighting it. Enjoy the noise and all 750bhp of that glorious V12

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