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October 31, 2019

Track of the Month Monza

This month we are featuring the beautiful track set in the Royal Villa of Monza Park, or Monza to the racing fraternity! It does not get any faster than this! Once featuring a massive banked oval, the track currently cuts a very fast swathe through the trees. Even though it is slightly tamed by the three more modern chicanes it remains the fastest track on the F1 calendar. Go search YouTube for footage from the 70’s when the apex point in the middle of Ascari chicane was still a tree!

Rookie Car
This month, our Rookie car is a Renault Clio Cup. This one make championship has long been a favourite with drivers and fans alike. The racing is always door handle close! The cars are fun to drive with 200hp and failsafe front wheel drive handling. As always with front wheel drive, be precise on the brakes, get the corner entry speed right then power on through the apex.

Club License Car
Club license holders get to compete this month in a Datsun 510. A what? It’s a lovely 70’s touring car. Only 190hp? Yup, but it only weighs 770kg on fully independent racing suspension and fat slick tyres and this was enough for legends like Peter Brock to put Datsun/Nissan on the competition map world-wide. It came in and put all the European makers on notice that the automotive world was about to change forever. Will it slide at the front? Yup. Will it slide from the back? Yup. Does it like stopping? Not really. Does it absolutely fly along and make all the right race car noises? You bet!

Race License Car
This month get into a BMW Z4 GT3. Built by BMW to compete around the world in the rapidly growing GT racing series, where the iconic M3 had been unpopular due to its “Saloon Car” heritage. The Z4 is small and wieldy but packs plenty of silky smooth power from a 500hp 4.4 litre V8. The car was successful in USA racing as the Z4 GTE running a slightly lower spec engine and a less sophisticated aero package but you get the full fat GT3 as raced in the rest of the world. Exploit the excellent brakes and sharp handling when attacking the track, but watch the traction out of the slower chicanes.

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