Terms & Conditions

Entry Terms and Conditions

Teamworks places great importance on the safety of its guests and endeavours to ensure that its high standards are met by all visitors. Please assist us in ensuring our circuit and its facilities remain a safe place in which to enjoy fun and exciting experiences.

In these Entry Conditions, the following definitions shall apply:
Circuit – Teamworks Karting’s premises, circuit, facility or any part of it;
Teamworks/Us/We/Our – Teamworks Karting Limited (Company No. 3822178) whose registered office address is at 202 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5SE and any operating subsidiary thereof.

You are admitted to this Circuit subject to the following Entry Conditions. If you do not comply with them you may be removed from the Circuit by Teamworks personnel, security or police officers, without any right to a refund. This is without prejudice to any claim that we may have against you or arising out of your actions. Whilst at the Circuit, you must comply with any reasonable instructions given to you by our personnel or any third party instructed on our behalf. Teamworks, acting reasonably, reserves the right to vary these Entry Conditions at any time without prior notice. By entering the Circuit, you accept that you have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure your own safety, taking into account any personal medical conditions. All persons in and around the Circuit should behave in a safe manner at all times.

Our Right to Remove You

Teamworks, acting reasonably at all times, reserves the right, to refuse admission to the Circuit, ban from entry to the Circuit, or remove from the Circuit without any right to a refund any person whose presence or behaviour may affect the enjoyment and/or safety of other guests or staff or who: uses violent, aggressive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or insulting words or behaviour or in any way behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace; climbs or stands upon fences, barriers, walls, structures, exhibits or any other buildings at the Circuits; enters or attempts to enter any part of the Circuit which is a restricted or prohibited area as determined by Teamworks.

We reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings or prosecute any person found damaging or defacing any part of the grounds, fences, barriers, walls, structures, exhibits, fabrics or buildings at the Circuit or has displayed any sign or visible representation of any kind which is, or could be reasonably judged to be, threatening, abusive or insulting or has previously acted in any manner which has caused any person to report that individual to Teamworks.

If any guest in breach of any of these Entry Conditions is a member of a group, then such group of individuals may also, at Teamworks’ discretion, be denied entry or escorted from the Circuit without any right to a refund.

Your Behaviour

All persons must remain behind the safety barriers at all times unless directed by a member of Teamworks’ staff. Behaviour likely to cause danger or annoyance to other persons is not permitted in any part of the Circuit. Smoking (including of e-cigarettes) is prohibited within the building.


Vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk. We take no responsibility for damage caused to any vehicle using the car park and no guarantee is given as to the security of guests’ vehicles in the car park or any contents. Motor homes, camper vans, caravans or any other vehicle of a similar nature are not permitted.No vehicles are permitted to remain outside the Circuit’s normal operating hours.


It is prohibited to bring into the Circuit any weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles or other articles which may cause injury. The throwing of any article which could cause injury or affect the enjoyment of other guests is strictly prohibited. Any person found to be in possession of an article deemed to be offensive or dangerous will be immediately escorted from the Circuit without any right to a refund and we reserve the right to make reports to the relevant authorities which may lead to prosecution.

The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in authorised places within the Circuit. Accordingly, alcohol may not be brought into the Circuit except with the express permission of Teamworks and any persons found possessing alcohol, or who appear to be under the influence of alcohol may be refused admission to the Circuit or escorted from the Circuit without any right to a refund. The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited and any persons found possessing, using or who appear to be under the influence of illegal substances will be refused admission or escorted from the Circuit without any right to a refund.


CCTV cameras are used to assist in the proper running of the Circuit. However, we do not make any representation as to the extent of coverage provided by the cameras. All items, belongings and other property brought into the Circuit by you are at your own risk and we accept no liability for any loss or damage to such property. As such, we recommend that you do not bring valuables to the Circuit.


For the purposes of events at Teamworks, a child is defined as someone who is under 16 years of age.

To participate in childrens’ Karting events, children must be a minimum of 8 years old and meet minimum height limits. Karting drivers who are under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is over 18.

To participate in Laser Tag Events or Simulator events, children must a minimum of 6 years old. All children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is over 18. Unaccompanied children over 12 (Laser Tag and Simulator Racing only) must provide the contact details for a responsible adult in case of emergency.


Pets or animals of any nature are expressly prohibited in the Circuit (except for guide dogs, hearing dogs and registered assistance dogs).


Unless it is expressly prohibited, you are permitted to take photographs and recordings within the Circuit provided that these are solely for private use and are not sold or used for any commercial or public purpose. By accepting these Entry Conditions, you acknowledge that Teamworks may on demand have access to photographs taken and video footage captured by you and request that certain photographs and agree not to intentionally photograph and/or capture video footage of any individual without that person’s permission and you must adhere to all photography/filming restrictions in place from time to time whilst within the Circuit.

From time to time Teamworks or other authorised parties carry out photography and/or video recording in the Circuit, which may feature guests. Entry to the Circuit is deemed acceptance of these Entry Conditions, and you therefore agree that Teamworks or any authorised party may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright in these materials rests with Teamworks.

Our Liability

Teamworks accepts no responsibility for any consequential loss however caused, or for any loss and/or damage suffered by you as a result of any event outside our control (including any distress, inconvenience, anxiety or loss of enjoyment). This does not affect your statutory rights.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Contract & Variation

1.1 Completion of the Booking Form shall constitute a binding contract (“the booking”) between the person named on the Booking Form (“the Organiser”) and Teamworks Karting Limited (“Teamworks”) subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

1.2 No variation of these terms and conditions shall be binding on Teamworks unless in writing and signed by a Director of Teamworks. No relaxation or indulgence which Teamworks may from time to time extend to the Organiser shall in any way prejudice or act as a waiver of Teamworks’ rights hereunder.


2.1 All bookings must be accompanied by a deposit of 50% of the total booking cost, catering and other fees payable (including VAT).

2.2 Where a “provisional” booking is made, the booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of the signed Booking Form and deposit.

2.3 Any deposit received is non-transferable and non-refundable except in accordance with clauses 3.1 or 3.4 below.

2.4 All bookings must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event. Where full payment is not received 30 days prior to the event Teamworks reserves the right to cancel the booking. Any deposit paid will be non-refundable.

2.5 The Organiser is liable for the full race fees for the use of the circuit for number of drivers booked, even if fewer drivers attend.

2.6 Where a cheque is returned unpaid or a chargeback is received, bank charges of £25+VAT and administration charges of £12+VAT will be levied per cheque or chargeback.

2.7 Interest and recovery costs will be charged on overdue amounts in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.


3.1 If the booking is cancelled by the Organiser more than 30 days prior to the event, 50% of the total race/game fees, catering and other fees (including VAT)are due. Any excess that has already been paid will be refunded to the Organiser.

3.2 If the booking is cancelled by the Organiser less than 30 days prior to the event, the full race/game fees, catering and other fees (including VAT) are due.

3.3 Race/game fees will not be refunded to any driver/player because that driver/player fails to attend or is withdrawn from the racing/game for any reason.

3.4 Gift Vouchers are non-refundable unless returned within 14 days of purchase in accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.


4.1 Drivers must agree to the Assumption of Risk.

4.2 Drivers must not consume alcohol for at least 12 hours before the event.

4.3 Drivers must wear shoes that cover their whole foot.

4.4 The Circuit’s management reserve the right to refuse admission and/or to bar drivers from the track for any reason whatsoever in its sole discretion. Any person considered by the Circuit’s management to be under the influence of alcohol or medication will not be allowed to race.

4.5 The Organiser agrees to accept full responsibility for the actions of its employees/guests involved in the event and agrees to indemnify Teamworks for losses Teamworks may suffer including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing results of actions, publicity or social media taken by those individuals which may harm or damage Teamworks’ reputation.

Height & Age Limits

Activity Karting Laser Tag Simulators Bambino Karts
Birmingham (City) 8 years & 147cm 6 years 6 years
Birmingham (West) 8 years & 125cm
East Midlands 8 years & 125cm 6 years
Letchworth 8 years & 125cm 6 years 6 years
Northampton 8 years & 125cm 6 years
York 8 years & 125cm 4 years

5.1 If you are unsure about any driver’s suitability due to weight or height please contact Teamworks Karting for clarification in good time before the event.

5.2 Kart drivers must be at least 16 years old except for “Karting 30” and events specified as Children’s events where the age limit is 8 years, or “Bambino” events where the age limit is 4 years. Adults and children are not permitted on track at the same time unless they are taking part as a family group.

5.3 Laser tag and Simulators players must be over 6 years old.

5.4 Anyone under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

5.5 Kart drivers under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Entry Conditions

6.1 All persons admitted to the Circuit agree to abide by the Entry Terms and Conditions and if a booking is made on behalf of other guests, the Organiser accepts these Entry Terms and Conditions on behalf of every guest and shall ensure that these are complied with by each person in the group.

6.2 All motorsport can be dangerous. Every driver (or if the driver is under 16, their parent/guardian) must sign an Assumption of Risk waiver as a condition of racing.

Transport Arrangements

7. Teamworks is pleased to assist in arranging transport for events. Though we do our best to coordinate accurate pick-up times with the driver, Teamworks cannot accept responsibility for delays in arrival time due to circumstances beyond our control.

Late Arrivals & No Shows

8.1 Bookings and tickets are transferable at the discretion of the Circuit but non-refundable. Tickets cannot be refunded, re-booked or re-used for drivers/players who fail to attend or who arrive late.

8.2 For insurance reasons, drivers arriving after the safety briefing has commenced are not allowed to race and will not receive any refund.

8.3 Where drivers/players arrive later than their scheduled start time, the Circuit’s management may in their sole discretion allow the event to be shortened to make up the time lost.

8.4 Where an exclusive event is delayed due to late arrivals, the Circuit’s management may on request of the Organiser delay the safety briefing. In such case, the event will be shortened to make up for the time lost.

Force Majeure and Limitation

9.1 Where the Circuit’s management fail to accept the booking for whatever reason (including but not limited to the Circuit taking another booking before thisBooking Form and/or deposit are received), no contract shall be formed and Teamworks shall refund any deposit paid.

9.2 Where the event is prevented, frustrated or delayed due to force majeure (including but not limited to riot, strikes, natural catastrophe, severely weather, power failure, fire or breakdown of plant or machinery) or any other cause beyond its control, Teamworks’ liability shall be limited to refunding or (at Teamworks’ option) re-scheduling the event at a future date convenient to all parties. Delays caused by accidents or poor driving on track will not be refunded or re-scheduled.

9.3 Teamworks shall not be under any liability whatsoever for direct losses, loss of profits, indirect losses or consequential losses of any type caused directly or indirectly by Teamworks, its sub-contractors, servants, agents or employees (other than liability by Statute that cannot be avoided) and its maximum liability shall in all cases be limited to the total amount paid for the event. Notwithstanding the generality of the above, please note that all karting and laser tag events are live events and may start late or overrun due to unforeseen delays. Any quoted “Start Time” or “End Time” is a pre-event estimate, for guidance only.

Assumption of Risk

All motorsport is dangerous. Motorsports are not suitable for people with heart problems, back problems, weak joints or pregnant women. All drivers must accept the following Assumption of Risk as a condition of racing:

Laser tag involves physical movement in a darkened arena. Laser tag is not suitable for people with heart problems, back problems, weak joints or pregnant women. All players must accept the following Assumption of Risk as a condition of playing:

I confirm that I must and will not participate in any activity unless I have first attended the relevant safety briefing, where I will be advised of the inherent risks intaking part, including but not limited to the fact that taking part in motorsports or other physical activities can cause injuries to myself, collisions, overturning, rapid decelerations and unpredictable acts and omissions by others.

I will abstain from participating should I not agree to accept the inherent risks involved.

I am in good physical and mental health, my eyesight (corrected as appropriate) is up to the standard required for a road driving test and I am not suffering from any other medical condition or disability which might make it unsafe for me to drive or play.

I do not suffer from epilepsy, fits, blackouts, fainting spells or giddiness, any form of psychiatric or mental illness and I am not aware of any such impairment of my child or charge’s condition.

I am not participating against medical advice and I do not have any injury, weakness or illness which might make it unsafe for me to drive or play.

In the event of feeling physically or mentally unwell or suffering an injury of any description during the course of my activities, I will notify the duty manager of the premises where the activity is taking place immediately. I will not leave the premises until an Accident Book report has been completed to my satisfaction.

I will look after myself and those around me in a careful and thoughtful manner at all times whilst on the premises.

I acknowledge that failure to comply with these requirements will result in immediate cessation of activities.

Prize Competition Terms and Conditions

Competition Eligibility Rules

1.1 Entrants to our Competitions must be aged 16 or over and must be resident in the UK.

1.2 We reserve the right to require that the parent or guardian of any person aged under 18 confirms in writing that he/she agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions applicable to the relevant Competition and will accept any prize on behalf of an under-18 prize winner.

1.3 We will decide, in our sole discretion, whether any eligibility requirement has or has not been met and we may require evidence or confirmation from entrants before awarding prizes.

1.4 Employees of Teamworks may not enter any Competition.

Competition Entry

2.1 We reserve the right to reject any entries that are incomplete or otherwise deficient. Entries must include the entrant’s contact details, so that we can notify them if they have won a prize.

2.2 We reserve the right to reject entries that are unlawful, indecent, racist, inflammatory, defamatory or which we consider to be otherwise harmful to the goodwill and reputation of us or our brands. We accept no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries, including but not limited to texts, calls or emails not received due to technical disruptions, network congestion or any other reason.

2.2 In particular, to be eligible for the Simulators Championship the relevant lap time must be saved to the entrant’s personal profile. Any laps not attributed to a personal profile will be disregarded, though Teamworks will always use its best efforts to try to ensure that all laps are duly attributed.

2.3 The use of any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits any person to enter any Competition repeatedly is prohibited.

2.4 Entrants must enter Competitions using their legal names. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant who uses multiple names and to require them to return any prize they may have won.

2.5 Where an entrant or prize winner has been found to be in breach of any of these terms and/or the applicable Booking or Entry Terms, we may enforce our right to disqualify that person and require the return or reimbursement to us of any prize where such prize has been awarded to the entrant in question.


3.1 The prize for each Competition will be as stated in the terms of the Competition. We reserve in all cases the right to replace the stated prize with a prize that we consider to be of broadly equivalent value. We offer no cash alternative for non-cash prizes and prize winners must accept prizes in the form offered. Where a prize is won by a person younger than 18, we reserve the right to award the prize to the prize winner’s parent or legal guardian on behalf of the prizewinner.

3.2 All prize winners will be notified that they have won a prize within twenty eight (28) days of the closing date of the Competition via either SMS or email. Entrants who have opted out of marketing agree to be contacted in the event that they have won a prize.

3.3 Prizes will be issued by SMS or email to the prize winners via the contact details in their personal profile. If a prize winner’s contact details change, it is their responsibility to notify us. We will not be liable for any prizes which are lost or delayed for reasons beyond our control.

3.4 If a prize winner does not take any element of a prize before it expires then that element of the prize will be forfeited by the prize winner. No cash will be awarded in lieu of that prize or any part of it.

3.5 We reserve the right to disqualify entrants from entering our Competitions or prize winners from receiving their prizes where any such person engages in unsafe, illegal, unsociable or inappropriate behaviour.

3.6 Monthly cash prizes may be won by the same person a maximum of 3 times.

Publicity and Personal Information

4.1 The personal information supplied by entrants when entering our Competitions will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By entering any Competition, you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate.

4.2 If you are the winner of a Competition, you agree that we may use your name, image and town and/or county of residence to announce the winner of such Competition and for any other reasonable and related promotional purposes.

Tampering and Other Matters

5. If a Competition is not capable of running as planned for any reason (including but not limited to as a result of any technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus, mobile network failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond our control which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of such Competition), we reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Competition and/or any prize draw(s) or judging related to the Competition and/or to disqualify any individual who (whether directly or indirectly) causes the problem.

Termination of Competition

6. We may vary the terms of, or terminate, a Competition at any time at our absolute discretion without liability to any contestant or other person. We will not award any prize if the Competition is terminated.

Decisions Final

7.1 All our decisions relating to Competitions and/or redemption of prizes are final. No discussions or correspondence with entrants or any other person will be entered into in this regard.

7.2 Tiebreakers, disputes, conflicts, questions or concerns will be managed by us and, if required by law, by an independent adjudicator.

Privacy Policy

Teamworks Karting does not share your details or pass them to any third parties. Online bookings are securely processed by our card acquirer (Realex and/or PayPal) and Teamworks Karting does not store or retain card details given online. In order to process telephone or walk-in bookings, we require your name, billing address, phone number, email address and credit card information. We use this information to process your booking and, if any questions should arise, to contact you about your booking. If you provide us with your email address or mobile phone number over the phone or when you check in for your event, we may send you marketing updates including your lap times, high scores, special offers or other marketing information. You can opt-out of these messages at any time by replying “UNSUBSCRIBE” to any email, emailing unsubscribe@teamworkskarting.com or texting “STOP” to 07722153333.

Cookies Policy

Teamworks Karting uses cookies for data analysis purposes, and does not store information in the cookies we use that personally identifies a user. For further information on how we use, store and keep your personal data see our Privacy Policy. If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies on our website, disable the use of cookies in your browser and then delete the cookies saved in your browser associated with this website. You may use this option for preventing the use of cookies at any time.


By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you agree to receive order confirmation, dispatch notifications and discount/voucher offers via post, email or text message. You may unsubscribe at any time by emailing unsubscribe@teamworkskarting.com or by texting “STOP” to 07722153333.

Motorsport Can Be Dangerous

All motorsport can be dangerous. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these you are present at your own risk. All drivers are required to sign an Assumption of Risk as a condition of racing.

Contact Details

Teamworks Karting Ltd is registered in the UK, company number 3822178. Our registered office address is: Teamworks Karting Ltd, 202 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5SE. Teamworks Karting Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teamworks Karting Holdings Limited.

Tel: 0121 703 6165 from outside the UK dial +44 121 703 6165

SMS: 07722 15 33 33 from outside the UK dial +44 7722 15 33 33

Email: info@teamworkskarting.com or complete our Contact Us form

Complaints Policy 

We are committed to providing a high quality service to all of our customers. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it, and we will do our best to put it right.If you have any complaint or feedback, please email feedback@teamworkskarting.com. A member of the management team will respond, usually within 3 working days.

Registered Trademarks

TEAMWORKS® and VRACE® are registered trademarks of Teamworks Karting Holdings Ltd, used under licence.

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