Tips for a top day out

Our Operations Director has raced in multiple race series, from Karting to Rally and has won several championships. Here he shares some pointers to ensure you have a top day out karting, with Teamworks Karting!
1: Listen to the track staff
Our team go karting every day! We know the braking zones and the best overtaking place. We are also keen to make sure that you are safe.
2: Respect your karts
These are some serious pieces of kit. The fastest way around the track is not to throw them around or into other karts or the barriers
3: Learn the track
Everyone gets a practice, so spend the first lap getting used to your kart and the track. Once comfortable, it is then time to put your foot flat!
4: Steer smoothly
Smooth steering means less friction which means a faster kart.
5: Concentrate
Be aware of what you are doing and what your competitors are doing. Respond quickly to karts in front of you. It may be your only chance to pass (or not crash)
6: Bring some credit card!

Our cafes and bars are great places to keep fuelled for your day! Indulge in some fantastic Pizzas during your event and enjoy a pint with us, after you race!

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