Our original circuit, Teamworks Karting Birmingham is one of the UK’s largest indoor circuits, racing the UK’s fastest indoor karts. If that's not enough to get you down here, how about the location! Mere minutes from the incredible Bullring shopping centre and close enough to walk to Broad Street. Formats run 7 days a week to satisfy all types of racers. Buckle up. It’s going to be fast.

  • The fastest indoor karts in the UK
  • Huge, exciting & challenging indoor race track
  • Fully-licensed bar and extensive catering facilities
  • Equipped and ready to host parties for all ages
  • Conference & Business Meeting facilities for up to 100 people
  • A short walk from Birmingham City Centre - Click here for a map
  • Race from just £22.95 per person
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Birmingham
202 Fazeley Street
B5 5SE

 Latest Laps

25.81s Alex Waller        25.21s Ben Watson        27.00s Stephen Rimell        25.69s Matthew Clark        25.64s James Watson        26.18s Edward Williams        26.08s Richard Jones        35.82s Mina Begum        30.44s Sonia Garg        29.09s Shahbaz Khan        30.97s Henna Begum        29.42s Zahra Naeem        28.72s Aishah Naeem        28.59s Shameel Thazhath        26.92s Steve Donegal        30.81s Katie Smith        35.36s Oliver Price [Cadet]        28.41s Jamal Uddin        29.94s Rozina Mubashar        29.09s 1muhammed Muneer        28.64s Yasmin Askar        28.84s Bongani Lunga        30.53s Mona Askar [Cadet]        32.28s Praise Lunga [Cadet]        26.89s Ryan Collins        26.99s Russell Braecgirdle        27.83s Emily Cantrell        28.41s Emma Woods        30.01s Tamara Abdulla        27.41s Katie Staien        32.98s Iream Shazadi        28.67s Adam Bashir [Cadet]        33.83s Naila Zafar        26.53s Steve Rodgers        28.88s Melissa Clarke        25.82s Lee Willmore        25.89s Rob Shaw        26.58s Talab Hussain        27.04s Mohammed Aqeel        27.31s Mohammed Khalil        25.62s Bash Ali        25.90s Tahir Iqbal        25.81s Shazaad Hussain        25.20s Peter Jenkins        27.20s Ashley Dennis        27.59s Katherine Jary        26.79s Pady Clarkson        28.59s Terri Harrington        27.64s Wendy Allwood        27.95s Salah Khan [Cadet]