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Today's Top Drivers

Tuesday 17 March
DateDriverLap Time
17‑Mar‑15Tanisha Macklin-Carr29.74s
17‑Mar‑15Jason Parker30.04s
17‑Mar‑15Chantell Clifford30.88s
17‑Mar‑15Kayley Shorter31.75s
17‑Mar‑15Leon Kodheli [C]34.40s
17‑Mar‑15Jo Abdi35.02s
17‑Mar‑15Chris Kebby36.39s

This Month's Top Drivers

March 2015
DateDriverLap Time
16‑Mar‑15Alexandru Craciun21.43s
06‑Mar‑15Scott Edwards25.41s
09‑Mar‑15Jason Tulk25.52s
13‑Mar‑15Dave Benbow25.60s
09‑Mar‑15Dean Isaacs25.71s
15‑Mar‑15Dominic Ambrose25.87s
15‑Mar‑15Reece Smitham [C]25.87s
15‑Mar‑15Mitchell Collings25.95s
09‑Mar‑15Adrian Tomei25.97s
15‑Mar‑15Joshua Kilcoyne [C]26.04s
15‑Mar‑15Jack Bishop26.04s
09‑Mar‑15Nathan Davis26.06s
16‑Mar‑15Nathan Davis26.07s
15‑Mar‑15Ryan White26.07s
07‑Mar‑15Harry Holliman26.08s

 Latest Laps

34.40s Leon Kodheli [Cadet]        35.02s Jo Abdi        30.88s Chantell Clifford        31.75s Kayley Shorter        29.74s Tanisha Macklin-Carr        30.04s Jason Parker        36.39s Chris Kebby        27.13s Simon Wright        26.14s Thomas Boyd        26.83s Darren Lines        26.79s Jamie Chandler        28.05s Oliver Didcock        26.17s Josh Lister        26.57s Martin Oreilly        26.79s Alex Mair        26.07s Nathan Davis        27.07s Rhys Evans        26.67s Lukasz Strycharz        27.55s Rhiannon White        21.43s Alexandru Craciun       

Yesterday's Top Drivers

Monday 16 March
DateDriverLap Time
16‑Mar‑15Alexandru Craciun21.43s
16‑Mar‑15Nathan Davis26.07s
16‑Mar‑15Thomas Boyd26.14s
16‑Mar‑15Josh Lister26.17s
16‑Mar‑15Martin Oreilly26.57s
16‑Mar‑15Lukasz Strycharz26.67s
16‑Mar‑15Alex Mair26.79s
16‑Mar‑15Jamie Chandler26.79s
16‑Mar‑15Darren Lines26.83s
16‑Mar‑15Adam Parrish26.89s
16‑Mar‑15Luke Petch26.99s
16‑Mar‑15Rhys Evans27.07s

Lap Records

DateDriverLap Time
16‑Mar‑15Alexandru Craciun21.43s
25‑Feb‑15Scott Edwards25.23s
14‑Feb‑15David Pittard25.34s
06‑Mar‑15Scott Edwards25.41s
09‑Mar‑15Jason Tulk25.52s
13‑Mar‑15Dave Benbow25.60s
17‑Feb‑15James Tomlin25.60s
09‑Mar‑15Dean Isaacs25.71s
22‑Feb‑15Louis Haslehurst [C]25.77s
21‑Feb‑15Oliver Tebbutt25.79s
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