Teamworks Karting Letchworth offers indoor kart racing at its fastest and most thrilling! Speedy, responsive and fume-free indoor go-karts on our huge twisting racetrack: there's plenty of fun and rivalry to be enjoyed for corporate groups, private parties, children's parties or just seasoned racers. Our Letchworth track is exciting as they come.

  • A huge, challenging circuit full of tight, winding corners
  • The fastest & most responsive indoor karts in the UK
  • Race formats for up to 100 drivers
  • Full party & business conference facilities
  • Full café and quality catering options
  • Race from £22.95 per driver
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Letchworth
2 Pixmore Avenue
Letchworth Garden City

 Latest Laps

26.88s Charlie Haywood [Cadet]        26.98s Patrick Beale [Cadet]        26.88s Jack Jacobs [Cadet]        28.79s Lucas Kent [Cadet]        27.88s Alex Noon [Cadet]        28.19s Finlay Hutchinson [Cadet]        25.85s Joe Roach [Cadet]        28.22s Jake Leech [Cadet]        28.49s Matt Williams [Cadet]        28.71s Bruno Wraight [Cadet]        31.34s Ethaniel Amadis [Cadet]        29.45s Charlie Winson [Cadet]        23.76s Gavin Mole        23.76s Arpad M        23.76s Dawid Slowinski        22.64s Dean Ambrose        22.76s Bruno Moura        22.99s Pedro Silva        23.67s Neo Phillips [Cadet]        23.23s Wayne Phillips        23.20s Tim Hilburn        23.52s Jack Hilburn        23.01s Aaron Deyong [Cadet]        22.72s Jason Hudson        22.83s Adam Chipperfield        22.87s Andy Melchor        22.99s Joe Salomon [Cadet]        23.18s Craig Hance        28.06s Harry Hempstead [Cadet]        28.76s Scott Hempstead [Cadet]        23.06s Darren Lindil        23.21s Harry Ward [Cadet]        23.74s Krystian Slodkiewicz [Cadet]        24.09s Piotr Gajda        24.82s Kacper Gajda [Cadet]        23.54s Krzysztof Lowczyk        23.80s Mariusz Slodkiewicz        23.12s Anthony Donnelly        23.25s Carl Sanders        22.40s Kai Courtenay [Cadet]        23.21s Daniel Lowther [Cadet]        23.29s Jake Lowther        23.21s Conor Perrett [Cadet]        23.33s Shaun Perrett        22.92s Declan Hennessy        23.48s Sammy Gates        24.26s Barney Router [Cadet]        23.56s Jake Router [Cadet]        22.84s Fil Router        24.09s Florence Potts