Teamworks Karting Letchworth offers indoor kart racing at its fastest and most thrilling! Speedy, responsive and fume-free indoor go-karts on our huge twisting racetrack: there's plenty of fun and rivalry to be enjoyed for corporate groups, private parties, children's parties or just seasoned racers. Our Letchworth track is exciting as they come.

  • A huge, challenging circuit full of tight, winding corners
  • The fastest & most responsive indoor karts in the UK
  • Race formats for up to 100 drivers
  • Full party & business conference facilities
  • Full café and quality catering options
  • Race from £22.95 per driver
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Letchworth
2 Pixmore Avenue
Letchworth Garden City

 Latest Laps

27.18s Gavin Hay        27.49s Lewis Marshall        26.66s Scott Smith        27.88s Domantas Zubavicius        31.15s Bruce Hay        28.24s Emily Shambrook        27.96s Darreen Mclatchey        28.53s Joshua Jordan [Cadet]        28.01s Joel Jordan [Cadet]        28.28s Joe Ahrens [Cadet]        32.18s Jordan Jones [Cadet]        32.73s Catherine Healy        33.35s Lewis Langley [Cadet]        29.66s Billy Brown        31.45s Shahid Delmont [Cadet]        35.48s Muyaz Ali [Cadet]        31.91s Cameron Fisher [Cadet]        28.07s Greg Dougal        28.24s Tom Mccullagh [Cadet]        28.26s Russ Ner        29.40s Abijah Gad        33.15s Craig Read [Cadet]        32.24s Chay Brandon [Cadet]        27.55s Kasim Nazar        27.63s Adam Errik        28.01s Mark Vesey        28.11s Omar Murphy        29.23s Zahid Zaman        28.40s Nick Casey        28.59s Tom Church        28.66s Chloe Scott        27.79s Maureen Casey        28.33s Laura Scott        28.37s Taylor Seabrook        28.53s Nicola Roe        28.89s Fergus Crick        28.74s Alex Gate [Cadet]        27.05s Mark Harwood        27.29s Christopher Pallett        27.53s Harry Pallett        27.76s Kieren Goldie        29.14s Georgia McKenzie        28.05s Stephen Gate        26.42s Tom Pallett        26.90s Greg Harwood        27.09s Paul Harwood        28.77s Malcolm White        28.88s Liam Harmon        29.98s Omar Harmon        29.08s Matt Harmon