Teamworks Karting Letchworth offers indoor kart racing at its fastest and most thrilling! Speedy, responsive and fume-free indoor go-karts on our huge twisting racetrack: there's plenty of fun and rivalry to be enjoyed for corporate groups, private parties, children's parties or just seasoned racers. Our Letchworth track is exciting as they come.

  • A huge, challenging circuit full of tight, winding corners
  • The fastest & most responsive indoor karts in the UK
  • Race formats for up to 100 drivers
  • Full party & business conference facilities
  • Full café and quality catering options
  • Race from £22.95 per driver
  • Book Online Instantly!

For more information call our events team on 0121 703 6165

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Teamworks Karting Letchworth
2 Pixmore Avenue
Letchworth Garden City

 Latest Laps

27.00s Visakh Sureshkumar        27.43s Jamie Waddup        28.35s Rhiannon White        28.19s Jamie Chandler        26.45s Iain Hamilton        26.58s Eloise Randell        26.77s Adam Parrish        28.14s Jamie Ellis        27.43s Matthew Fairey        27.72s Hassan Makhdoom        27.59s Paul Clark        27.10s Jamie Burke        28.33s Michael Radforrd        28.00s Alex Mair        26.98s Tom Hignell        27.91s Reece Casey        28.88s Harry Sherwood        27.99s Luke Petch        27.36s Krzysztof Sniezko        33.40s Shakila Naz        27.21s Louis Alexander        27.90s Joe Manley        28.21s Barry Twohig        29.10s Kerry Stratton        29.13s Tiffany Johnson        28.74s Sam Williams        28.74s Saul Woods        30.87s Kelly Spring        28.33s Mathew Hill        29.59s Jordan Philip        27.15s Kevin Priddis        26.76s Mark Jenkins        27.82s Ehsan Zafar        29.25s Sajaad Hussain        27.12s Maurizio Gardner        27.81s Matt Chapman        29.05s Ehsan Hussain        28.83s James Chandler [Cadet]        33.45s Thomas Agland [Cadet]        28.33s Steve Sworder        32.89s Jonathan Drew [Cadet]        28.02s Jack Morgan        29.51s Steven Allan        33.48s Harrison Dampney [Cadet]        27.95s Freddie Austin [Cadet]        31.18s Harry Oldman [Cadet]        32.64s George Allan [Cadet]        27.74s Scott Morgan        27.78s Fletcher Heaton        27.81s Mitchell Ward