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Teamworks Karting Letchworth

http://www.teamworkskarting.com/offers2 Pixmore Avenue
Letchworth Garden City
Hertfordshire SG6 1JS


  • A huge, exciting circuit full of challenging, twisting corners
  • Race from just £17
  • Hertfordshire’s only indoor kart circuit
  • Featuring the fastest & most responsive indoor karts in the country
  • Our state of the art venue now boasts an incredible Laser Tag arena as well.
  • Full café & catering facilities available
  • Party & business conference facilities for groups
  • Buy karting vouchers for the ultimate gift

Teamworks Karting Experience

Letchworth Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Reece Islip23.013s10/04/2017
2Toby Westcott23.271s10/04/2017
3Paul Mijalski23.355s14/04/2017
4Carly Hollingsworth23.509s31/03/2017
5Jason St John23.704s05/04/2017
6Adrian Bowker23.734s14/03/2017
7George Alexander24.088s01/03/2017
8Ash Bash24.336s18/04/2017
9Philip Webster24.362s29/01/2017
10Conor Leahy24.725s12/03/2017

Latest Times

DriverBest LapDate
Zhe Wu30.275s24/05/2017
Naveen Goud28.838s24/05/2017
Jergen Goud30.043s24/05/2017

Hall of Fame

DriverBest LapDate
1Caroine Powell20.970s26/01/2014
2Bill Clarke21.100s11/04/2014
3Ryan Crouch21.504s26/01/2014
4Ryan Owers21.540s27/01/2014
5Tim Kala21.540s22/03/2014
6Serena Fathers21.560s22/03/2014
7Dhiren Kapoor21.570s29/12/2013
8Richard Gartlan21.590s07/10/2013
9Callum Rankin21.590s14/10/2013
10Adrian Tomei21.590s18/11/2013
11Jason Tulk21.610s18/11/2013
12Luca Proietti21.630s20/02/2014
13Ronnie Wood21.632s06/05/2014
14Alex Case21.690s27/01/2014
15Thomas Bentley21.710s28/12/2013

 Latest Laps

29.14s Jack Smith [Cadet]        29.23s Alex Barker [Cadet]        30.59s Thomas Richards [Cadet]        28.06s Seb Pee        29.07s Toby Edbrooke [Cadet]        29.57s Olly Moore [Cadet]        37.86s Lorenzo Gartlan [Cadet]        32.58s Charlie Spencer [Cadet]        33.39s Kojo Appiah [Cadet]        32.48s Bradley Martin [Cadet]        32.66s Jamie Norris [Cadet]        33.73s James Groombridge [Cadet]        33.25s Nathan Garrod [Cadet]        33.49s Lounis Guemache [Cadet]        34.86s James Jennings [Cadet]        32.73s Charlie Pateman [Cadet]        32.64s Kian Lamacraft [Cadet]        39.84s Alfie Kassir [Cadet]        28.50s Charlie Bennett [Cadet]        28.79s Reginald Bennett        27.31s Alec Munro        26.95s Chris Miller        27.42s Chris Palmer        27.35s Daniel Haines        27.39s Tom Ellis        27.59s Charlie Bacon        26.18s Lucas Palmer [Cadet]        27.37s Jason Clark        26.39s Nathan Hulkes        28.45s Josh Daly        28.03s Jack Williams        26.76s Trevor Neilson        27.45s Lauren Daly        28.94s Olly Neilson [Cadet]        29.51s Zak Hussain        28.14s Max Harknett [Cadet]        26.68s Rhys Wyman        27.96s Abdullah Miah        28.10s Jake White        27.59s Imran Bashir        39.39s Elfreda Doswell Taylor [Cadet]        36.74s Jess Allen [Cadet]        38.63s Livvy Mckirgan [Cadet]        32.30s George Ivory [Cadet]        33.54s Freddie Rowland [Cadet]        29.21s David Locke        32.85s Henny Selman [Cadet]        33.98s Emily Ivory [Cadet]        40.26s Lauren Rich [Cadet]        31.77s Thomas Ivory [Cadet]       

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